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What's in the Reptile Encounters Collection

Reptile Encounters currently has 6 alligators in the collection. The largest is Gonzo (pictured). Gonzo has been with me since 1990 and is nearly seven feet long. He has been on several TV shows and used in a photo add for Puma sneakers. Because of his large size, Gonzo is only used for larger shows and special events.

Reptile Encounters has several large constrictors. Boa constrictors, carpet pythons, Burmese pythons and a reticulated python are all part of the collection. Our largest is an albino Burmese python almost 15 feet long. Our reticulated python is 13 feet long and growing. Retics are the longest species of snake alive today. This snake may soon grow to be over 20 feet long.

This is an Asian water monitor lizard. One of the largest lizard species in the world. Native to south east Asia, they are carnivorous lizards that can reach over 6 feet long. Notice the tail curled back. This is a defensive posture and if the monitor feels threatened it will use the tail as a whip. This monitor is about 5 feet long and its tail can leave a welt.

There are several venomous snakes in the collection at this time. Rattlesnakes, copperheads and a Gaboon viper are all kept and used in Reptile Encounter shows

where there is a safe distance between the snakes and the audience. (venomous snakes are NOT part of birthday party shows) The largest rattlesnake in this collection is an Eastern diamondbackrattler from the Southeastern US. This snake is over 5 feet long and is an impressive part of larger stage shows.

Check back soon to see more updates of the collection!

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